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Developmental Asset: Boundaries and Expectations


Developmental Assets Focus for February/March:

Boundaries and Expectations


“The main source of good discipline is growing up in a loving family, being loved, and learning to love in return.” - Dr. Benjamin Spock


Love and good discipline go hand in hand! The Boundaries and Expectations Assets are about rules, consequences, and people who encourage children to do their best. This means every family should have clear and consistent rules and consequences for behavior and ways to keep track of children and know where they are all of the time.


Here are some activities and ideas to try at home:

  • Make your expectations positive. Say what you want, along with what you don’t want. Whenever possible, start with a “do” instead of a “don’t”.
  • Be concise: State your family’s rules in as few words as possible. Write them down; post them where your child can see them each day.
  • Be prepared to grow and change as your child does. You’ll need to adjust the boundaries as your child gets older.
  • Follow the rules yourself. Be a role model. Admit mistakes.

When you notice the good things your kids do and praise them for it, positive behavior is reinforced. Soon your kids look for even more ways to please you, and life at home gets easier.


Have family meetings. When families meet on a regular basis to talk about rules and issues, everyone knows what’s expected at home. This can lead to better communication and fewer arguments. During these meetings, give each family member - the youngest ones included - a chance to talk. Keep it positive.


-Text credit: A Leader’s Guide to The Adding Assets Series for Kids by Ann Redpath, Ed.D., Pamela Espeland, and Elizabeth Verdick


Image Credit and Link to Purchase the Children's Chapter Book